Easy Folder Share lets you share Folders over the Local network in few clicks

Share specific folders within a network is indeed a great method by which we can get instant access to files and documents placed on another location, thus allowing viewing and maybe even change in few clicks.It is possible to do it from Sharing and Security Tab of Properties of Folder but windows UI is somewhat complicated.

Easy Share is a small utility which lets you share one or more folders on the network and set permissions with two or three clicks. Easy Folder Share operation is quite intuitive because, once started, will not have to do is select the folder to share, give it a name and description, indicate that users can access it and, finally, set its permissions changed (read-only or complete).

In short, Easy Folder Share is no doubt as to constitute a simple yet effective, by which even the less experienced or, so to speak, those who are not defined properly freak, are enabled to share their folders with other users in a network.

Download Easy Folder Share

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