Edit Images Online With Pixlr

If you ever feel the need to edit images but not have any software at hand, no need to worry. You can always edit Images online for free with Pixlr. It is an online image editing tool that can well serve you as a substitute for softwares like Gimp, Paint.Net and Photoshop. Unlike other sites like Aviary, here you do not need to register or create any account.The interface to work is very simple and easy for even first time users.

Getting Started

You just need open Pixlr site and you are ready to go. Just select the language in which you want to use the service and you will be redirected to the Editing page. To start with three options will be provided :

  • You can choose image by feeding its URL if u want to edit an image present in flickr or on other online storage.
  • Image can be opened from local disk of your computer.
  • You can create an entirely new Image.

After you select any one option you are ready to go.

Features provided by Pixlr

It provides all tools that you can expect from a mid- level photo editing software. Some of the features are  resizing canvas, resizing image, rotating and flipping canvas. You can also edit color of your image with adjustments like Brightness & hue control, Auto levels, Desaturate etc.

If you want more effects to be added to your image, Pixlr provides a descent number of Filter’s  with effects like blur, Diffuse, pixelate, Sharpen, Noise, Denoise etc.

It includes giving layers to your image as layers increases image quality and depth, hence very useful. It also provides a History window like other softwares, so you can now keep track of steps you have taken for editing the image.

Pixlr also provides all basic tools for creating a new image.


Though Pixlr lacks online storage of images, It is a very handy online image editing tool. It can also be integrated with firefox as an Add-on.

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