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No Blogging platform has facility to embed documents and other things by default. Like Videos and images, How can one share his Documents? But, Using 3rd party web service, its now possible and damn easy.

Here’s an interesting service called Embed.in which allows you to embed almost anything on your blog. It supports Embedding of Word Documents (DOC and DOCX, Photos (JPG, TIFF, PNG), Photoshop Images (PSD), SQL database file, JavaScripts (JS), Excel Sheets(XLS and XLSX) , Powerpoint Presentations (PPT and PPTX), Rich text Document RTF), Cascade Style Sheets / CSS, PDF documents, Adobe Illustrator Artwork / AI, EPS or Encapsulated PostScript and all Open Office (ODP ,WPD, ODT and ODS) and Microsoft office File Formats. What More? You can embed whole Webpage just by giving its URL.

The Working of this Web service is like charm. Simple, Straight, Speedy and Easy. It works as its tag line says – “The Best way to show Documents on your Website” I never found such a great service before. Here we go with its working, features and specifications.

You don’t need separate account as it supports Logging in through 3rd party accounts like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Twitter, WordPress and OpenID.

To Embed just click Select File and Browse the file you want to embed. It will be there with embedding code just in few seconds. You have three options to embedding any documents.

  1. Embed : It opens a Flash player with your Document inside. With necessary options like Print, Download, Zoom and Full Screen View. You can configure which option to enable or disable. Example Preview :
  2. Thumb : Thumbnail preview of the document is Shown and and overlay window open when clicked. It looks cool and saves space. Example Thumbnail Preview below:
  3. Link : You will see just the Text link of the file name and Overlay windows appears with the document inside when clicked.

Last but not the least, you can customize the appearance of each embedding option discussed above using specific height, width and color. Also, Using Analytics feature- you can track information about number of Views, Downloads and Prints of a document in your account.

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Pisabh - August 7, 2009

The good link for this service:

Layne Chin - December 28, 2010

I’m not competent enough in Flash to use a component, so this kind of product is ideal. All I ask is that, once I’ve paid for it (and price isn’t a problem, within reason) I can create what I want. Extensive Google searching has drawn a blank, but maybe I’m using the wrong terms.In addition, both aXmag.com and Issuu.com are good choice.


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