How To Embed Streaming MP3 Music in Blogs and Forums in 4 Easy Steps

Want to share music with your blog readers or friends on social networking sites? Here, is an easy way to do so. Muzicon is a free web service available on the internet which allows you easy embedding of mp3 music on your blog.

Sharing music is important especially in case of dedicated music blogs. It helps users directly listen to streaming music directly, without the need to download them. Muzicon is an easy to use web service with simple user interface to deal.
embed streaming music on blog

How to Embed Music on Blog/ Forums

Embedding music is easy with muzicon. Just follow the steps below.

There are 2 schemes to embed music. Either you can select music from the site or you can put your own music.

Sharing music from the site

In this method, you can share music which others have already uploaded on the site.

  • Select music from the left hand side.
  • There are no options to change the icons of the music widget. It is already predefined. What you can do is copy the code and place it on your blog.

Sharing your own Music

  • Go to create muzicon.
  • Now you have to select the icon to be displayed. There are a lot of icons from which you can make your selection.
  • Place the music URL from where you want to stream music.
  • Select the looks.
  • Select the color.

With these simple steps you are ready to share your music on any website. The best thing is that you get instant preview of the music button. From here, you can copy the generated HTML/ BB code according to your needs. Registration is now necessary but to make your music collection its a good option.

Sample Music

Note: You can grab HTML Code for Blog Posts embedding (WordPress or Blogger platform) and for Forums, BB Code is required.

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