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How To Enable Facebook Timeline | Activate New Facebook Instantly

Facebook Timeline is a major overhaul to the interface to your social network profile. Indeed an innovative way to list your activities in timely manner. It’s a completely redesigned profile page with all things which Facebook has known about us since long time.

Users can see what their status updates were dating back to the very day they joined the social network.

As users scroll down the page and back in time, Facebook tries to surface only the updates that will still be relevant years later. Using clues like keywords (big job news) or the number of likes or comments a post received, Facebook can attempt to know which updates will still mean something to us years later.

I think now you are excited to give it a try but it isn’t activate yet on your account. Fortunately, Facebook Timeline can be activated instantly using the trick given below. It’s very simple and doesn’t affect your Facebook account in anyways so, go ahead!

So here are the steps in order to see your timeline on:

1. First login in your Facebook account. Now in your Facebook search box search developer, click on the first result with some hundred thousand users. Allow this application.

facebook timelinefacebook timeline

2. Now Facebook developer page will open, choose +Create New App. It will ask you to give your timeline some fancy display name and namespace (Please note that, you can only use letters, underscores, and hyphens for the namespace).

facebook timelinefacebook timeline

3. After that you’ll be asked to verify your account either with your mobile phone number or with your credit card.

facebook timeline

 4. Now you’ll be asked to change some settings (not a big deal), please note that you have to choose one hosting service whether it be cloud or normal, both are free.

facebook timeline

 5. Click on the open graph tab on your left hand and choose getting started.

facebook timeline

 6. Now fill out the action type and save your settings.

facebook timeline

 7.Go to your home page of Facebook after a minute and so, then you’ll be asked to take a tour of your timeline.     

facebook timeline

Please note: During the developer release, only other developers will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see your old profile.

  • Avi
  • September 24, 2011
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Sriram - September 25, 2011

Thanks for this post. pretty useful…

Churchyll - September 25, 2011

Thanks pal, the experience is wonderful…

gaurav - September 26, 2011

whts the use of timeline

    Rohit Langde - September 27, 2011

    Using the Artificial Intelligence, Facebook sorts out important status updates in timely manner in better UI. Also, the Timeline makes navigation easy and not to forget looks awesome with the Cover Picture on Profile feature.

pankaj - March 26, 2012

sir..how to deactivate timeline?


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