How to Enable Hardware Acceleration and WebGL in Opera 12

Though late, but Opera in its version 12 came up with Theme support, Do not Track feature and finally Hardware Acceleration (WebGL). Enabling Hardware acceleration in Opera sends graphic rendering pages to the GPU instead of CPU resulting significantly in loading time.

Keeping that in Mind, WebGL and hardware acceleration is disabled by default in Opera 12, since this is an experimental option that can improve navigation or cause problems. It is up to you as a user to try and behave as, re-use or turn it off.

If you are reading these lines from Opera 12, just copy and paste the following lines into the browser address bar and change the value of options from 0 to 1, and save the configuration. Save button is at the bottom, you will have to scroll down a little to find it.

  • opera:config#userprefs|EnableHardwareAcceleration
  • opera:config#userprefs|EnableWebGL

Enable Hardware Acceleration and WebGL in Opera

Once done, restart your browser and test experience. Better? The truth is that the loading speed is noticeable in some cases. Problems? Nothing easier than to undo the road traveled with the zeros and ones.

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