Encrypt Facebook Updates, Share with Specific friends & Set Expiration Time

In social networking sites like Facebook you can have lots of friends related to several fields of Work. They can be childhood friends, teachers, co-workers, business partners etc. There may be times when you may not want to share your status updates with all friends and also for a limited duration. In times like this uProtect can be handy.

uProtect is a web service that allows you to encrypt status updates including links and photos and share them with selected friends. If you wish you can also set time duration to your updates after which they will not exist. Using uProtect is simple and can be done in few steps.

Though we have already seen How to Stop Specific People from seeing Facebook status updates but here in addition we can now encrypt those updates and even set expiration time.

How to Encrypt Facebook Status Updates with uProtect

  • Visit uProtect website and create a free account.  This will take few minutes, you can also use your Facebook account to log in selecting a different password.
  • When the account is created, login and install the Firefox plug-in. Restart Firefox to complete the installation.

  • Log in to uProtect account and click and go to settings from the account option.

  • Set basic rules for encryption like selecting friends and giving expiration date for updates. This will be set as default rules and can also be changed every time you make an update. If you do not change it during update then the default rules willl apply.

  • Dashboard allows you to keep track of all encrypted updates.

  • Now log in to your Facebook profile and you will see few changes.

  • Now you will be having an encrypt button with an arrow button that will allow you to set rules for the particular update, you can leave it if you wish to use default rules or enter rules for friends and update expiry date.

  • Make the update and click on the encrypt button and the update will be encrypted before being published. After encryption the share button returns.

  • Encrypted updates are symbolized with a lock.

  • This update will appear as encrypted and can be decoded by friends you are sharing with. Others will not have permission to view this update.

uProtect is a good technique to have total control over the material you share. You friends also need to use this service in order to receive the encrypted updates from you.

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