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Software and Online Tools To Get Engineering Projects Done Easily

Engineering Project Software Tools and Online Apps

Internet and Software tools can be used in almost any field. You just have to know, how to harness its power to make it work for you. This article focuses on using Web resources and Software tools to help out in Engineering Project or any School Project.

I recently graduated from Mechanical Engineering and hence I am aware of the needs and problems faced by students during Project. So, I have compiled a list of essential Software Resources and Online Tools to help in Engineering Projects.

Engineering Project Ideas

Engineering Project idea is a first and foremost thing needed to begin. Remember, you necessarily do not have to invent something but a small improvement in existing thing will do. You can also go for Study Project if curious about some topic in your field.

Still, for idea generation, you can use MindMap software like iMindMap. I would recommend reading tips to generate ideas.

Searching Project Data

Once Topics are shortlisted or finalized, Finding the documents and information about the Project Topic selected is first step and a major concern.

Though we know Google as a resource to information but often fail to get specific and accurate results. This is because, Google Search is a Play of Keywords. You should enter proper keywords to get correct results.

1. Google Search

Project Documents and related Related Research papers are often in PDF or DOC format. So, our search should be focused on finding only those files. So, here’s a keyword to find exact match document for your keyword:

[alert-success] <Enter Project Topic> Filetype:PDF or <Project Title> Filetype:DOC [/alert-success]

Here’s a secret to become Power user of Google Search using Keyword Tricks.

2. Project Documents Search Engine

Alternatively, you can use dedicated search engine called PDFSearchEngine.org to find ebooks, Research Papers and other Documents from various sources. It narrows down search results and make it easy to choose and download free research papers directly.

Engineering Project Search Engine

Engineering Project Resources

Engineering Project Documents and Research Resources

1. WePapers.com – It is a study group portal dedicated to upload and share Lectures, Presentations, Research Notes, etc. You can find and browse topics according to your Engineering branch. As well as it allows you to join people of same interest for project study.

2. SlideShare.net – As the name hints, site is dedicated to find PowerPoint Presentations on topic you can think about.

3. Squidoo.com – Not specifically about Engineering only but can be used to find related information and happenings and Do it Yourself kind of articles here.

4. Forums – Finding information doesn’t solve everything but you often get queries and questions about the project you are working. To get answers of them online, join Forum boards dedicated to Engineering discussions. I won’t recommend any because I hardly joined them but many of my friends have found answers and enjoy fruitful discussions on Engineering Project Topics.

Engineering Study Group Tools

Web-based and software tools can also help you to actually get your work done and collaborate with others in your class on group projects.

1. Capture ideas and save information

capture engineering project ideas

Evernote – Whatever information you get from using above resources should be saved and all related project ideas should be captured instantly. Evernote is dedicated multiplatform tool to Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see. Whether text, image, video, notes, almost anything from anywhere.

Dropbox – Final and in process work material can be store in Cloud and shared from there itself using Cloud Storage services. This adds to one more use of Dropbox.

2. Work with Project Group Members Collaboratively

Google Docs – It is a best online word processing and spreadsheets applications available, and it offers great collaboration features that allow you to work together on group assignments.

GitHub – If you are developing a Software code, then you must use GitHub to store source code. It provides provision to join project members, read and edit the code. Moreover, successive revisions of your code are saved automatically.

3. Solve Mathematics, Mechanics and Science Problems

Mathway and Microsoft Mathematics – If Project includes solving of complex Mathematics and Physics Problems then here are some awesome math solving tools. Advantages of using these tools are visual interface, fast calculations, easy to use and offers step by step calculations.

Engineering Maths Problem Solving Tools

WolframAlpha is another nice web resource with not just calculations but also to find information.

I have personally used some of these tools to get my Engineering project done. At the end of project, Presenting it in impressive way is equally important and so, get to know how I made How I Made Unique College PowerPoint Presentations With Elegant Slide Designs.

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