Enter and Browse any Forum without registering

Whenever you need any information for which you are eager to know about and then Forum will ask you to register and login and then only you will be able to see that thing. You will probably find some another alternative rather than registering (then let it be free!) to any website. After registering, there is no guarantee to get complete and correct information so, why not try to get in and browse everything without registering?

These websites generally doesn’t allow unregistered users or guests to enter but they do allow “Google Bot” or any other search engine bot to enter for crawling purposes. This trick by Nakodari works on same basis- You will need to change user agent to Google bot for browsing forums.

What you need is Firefox Browser and User Agent addon After installing, create another user agent from the options menu of the addon.

Select User Agent from the left sidebar and click Add. Now in the description field type:


and in user agent field type:

Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)

Now Start browsing by selecting the user agent as Google Bot.

George - June 18, 2009

Very interesting… thanks.

Watch Year One Online - June 21, 2009

If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for 4/5. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!
p.s. Year One is already on the Internet and you can watch it for free.

Apache97 - September 1, 2009

cooool theme! Thanks!

algopuplicalo - December 18, 2009

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Jose - February 16, 2010

no understando this posting. I encounter few sites that require registration and login to READ postings made by others. Those are not worth bothering with.

But I encounter MANY sites that require registration and login to POST or REPLY to a thread.

The real trick would be to be able to POST/REPLY without registration or login.
Otherwise this trick is not that groundbreaking.

MojoMojo - February 26, 2010

This is really handy. Thanks for the guide.

Ronny - June 27, 2010

congratulations 🙂 .. you have finally won one new reader 😉

    Rohit Langde - June 27, 2010

    Glad to know that.. Thanks Ronny

forum gratuiti - October 12, 2010

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Christian Louboutin Schuhe - December 9, 2010

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primeyuri - March 7, 2011

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