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5 Essential Gmail Labs Feature That Should Be Enabled By Default

5 Essential Gmail Labs Feature Should Be Active By Default Account

Fifty-two. That is the number of Features that are available in Gmail Labs to improve our experience in e-mail from Google. And we have everything from things that are merely aesthetic to others that are most useful and should be incorporated without selecting anything.

We will discuss five Gmail Lab Features that should be enabled by default, without having to go to turn them by hand. As in any selection, the choices have a subjective component. But based on my experience, I chose those I found most useful in day to day and I think they should be of general use.

Remember that to do so, you are going to Settings (click on gear button at the top right) and from there, you can click on Labs.

1. Undo sending

Undo Sending Mail on Gmail

What it does : It gives us a second chance before finally sending the message. So if, we’re sending it to wrong recipient or need review of the message typed, we can always stop the sending before it occurs.

Why activate it : Have you sent that mailĀ  to the wrong person? Unless you’re very confused, this feature usually not used. But when you do, you will realize how useful it is.

2. Reply to All by default

Reply to All in Gmail Lab

What it does : the name itself says. When we are in a conversation with several people, we need not expand the list to select reply to all, but this is the default and must choose from the list if we want to answer a single person.

Why activate it : To avoid typical of being in a conversation, To answer several threads and believing that one person has answered them all. For very little conversation between several people, once you test it, you realize how comfortable it is.

3. Preview Message (Sneak Peak)

Preview Gmail Message Without Opening

What it does : Pressing the right mouse button in a message, it shows a window with the content without having to open it.

Why enable : Enables faster review what we get without having to open the message and then return to the inbox. Very useful especially for notifications and newsletters, to see if it’s worth reading them thoroughly enter or simply discarded. For discussions, we can move through all messages.

4. “Mark as read” Button

Mark as Read Button in Gmail

What it does : The option to mark a message as read without opening it is hidden within the ‘More’ button. This feature appears as a single button that appears at the time we select one or more messages.

Why activate it : Like everything else, depends on the method of work which each one and how much of notifications or receive messages. I at least get enough and this feature saves me a click and it makes me more comfortable the process of marking as read what they are simple notifications or newsletters that need answering.

5. Background Send

Sending Email in Background

What it does : Just give the command “send”, we return to the inbox without having to wait for the message is sent.

Why activate it : Again for saving time. Instead of waiting for an end to send the message, we can continue checking our inbox and answering other emails. This can be useful when attachment is taking long time to upload and you can’t leave the page even after pressing “Send” button.

These are my picks. I have enabled a few more, but I think these are the ones that should be incorporated as standard and recommended for everyone using Gmail. Yes, you can have your say if you want to name any other Gmail Lab Feature which I may have missed.

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Facebook Application Development - April 14, 2012

All feature are fab. Nice post………..and I Love your Blog…

sushil - April 16, 2012

Hey Rohit, you missed out Inbox Preview & Message translation….

    Rohit Langde - April 16, 2012

    Thanks for your suggestion Sushil. Personally, I have enabled Translation though it doesn’t come to action often.
    For Inbox Preview, I included an alternative “Sneak Peak” which almost does same thing.


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