List of Essential Programs to Design a Website

If you have ever felt of having your own website? The first question which will sprout your mind is What I need to build a website? Obviously, only simple basic development tools are not sufficient but some other applications which provides you additional necessary functions while designing a website.

If you are thinking of same thing or caught in such situation then you are reading the right article. I will cover basic category programs which you will need to begin work on a Website without anything left. So,take a good note of them all.

Competent Web Editor

For my taste, the best choice you can find in this area is DreamWeaver which is Included in the Adobe creative suite, An extremely versatile application, complete and pleasant to use. And, If you are on Mac then, Coda will beĀ  the best option to have design under one window.

Official Websites: Adobe DreamWeaver | Coda

Good Image Editor

Beautiful Web Design requires some more knowledge beyond knowing the codes. The final touch of quality is given by good images that accompany the various elements of the page, your background, header, etc.. For this we need a good image editor, and for my taste the best option in this area is Photoshop. It has the obvious disadvantage of its cost, so if you seek a free choice and equally competent chosen GIMP.

Official site | Photoshop | GIMP

Local Server for Advanced Projects

If we design a website that needs an Apache server, PHP functional or database of any kind (eg a blog on WordPress which is easy to use), we need to generate a local server to make progress in the development process. In this sense, for Windows have a very effective alternative is zero cost and AppServ, While MAMP offers excellent functionality on Mac.

Official site AppServ | MAMP

FTP Transfer Client

Once all your work is done, You need to transfer your project files on Web Server using a FTP client to make your website Live to the world. For this task we will need a FTP client that allows us to manage the transfer of files from your computer to its final location, and this function can not think of better alternative Filezilla. Effective, comprehensive, convenient and of course completely free. Have you can ask for more?

Official site FileZilla

All Web Browsers

Yes, you should have most of them. This is the thing which Webmasters will find somewhat bad about, the reason behind this simple although the people at website design Perth by The Web Shop have done a great blog about it. And is that however much we work hard, each browser market has a nasty habit of showing the pages at its will, causing display our work differently for each visitor for each browser you use, may sometimes lead to result in serious errors. The most problematic and is increasingly widespread Internet Explorer. Therefore be necessary to have installed on our computer all possible versions (at least 6, 7 and 8), if you use Mac or Linux, will have to opt for Windows Virtualization. Naturally, we should test in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari at least.

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