6 Essential Addon Utilities For Skype to Extend User Experience

Skype is the king of video calls with more than 600 million accounts and a promising future, after taken over by Microsoft. Apart from Calling, there are other complementary things like recording, translating are necessary so, we cover some essentials here.

MP3 Skype Recorder: Record conversations

Anything you say may be used against you” says Skype now. MP3 Skype Recorder records all your conversations in MP3 format as it name suggests.

No more taking notes. All you have to do is press the Record button, and then you can check everything calmly spoken in conversation.

Skype Launcher: Start multiple accounts at once

If several people in your family use Skype on the same computer, you’re probably tired of the routine to close a session to open another.

Skype Launcher does it for you. Just add the accounts settings and let him handle Skype open multiple sessions at once.

Clownfish– Translations and reading aloud

Clownfish makes it easy to talk to people from other countries, we use the power of online translators in the Skype chat window. Automatically translate from almost any language but the possibilities don’t end here.

Grammar, Music player, voice changer, cipher messages or voice synthesizer are other possibilities that this “clown fish” brings to your Skype.

Skype Voice Changer: Calling with a different voice

For a fun time does not take much: with Skype and a voice changer you’ve got it almost done. Skype Voice Changer includes 15 different effects, All fully configurable.

Yes, seems to have trouble attached to Skype in some configurations.

Pamela Basic Edition: Your virtual secretary

If we talk about add-ons for Skype, Pamela is a must. The basic version free of charge, and the program can only record 15 minutes by conversation, but also includes answering function, Auto-reply message when you’re chatting away and change of state during the call.

SkyRemote: Connects and controls another PC with Skype

The screen-sharing feature of Skype is very interesting, but sometimes, well look, you want to also interact. That’s where SkyRemote, an application with which you can remotely control another PC.

Although not integrated into the Skype interface, if you use your contacts list, which facilitates remote control session (no need to exchange IP, or ID or anything like it).

Which one is your favorite Skype utility?

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