Eternal Sunshine can Hide specific People on Facebook without UnFriending

I have a number of Facebook friends with whom I never interact; their presence on my chat list just makes it more difficult to see online friends who I am likely to talk to.  In many situations, unfriending is not possible on social web.

Though Facebook provides an option to hide all News Feed updates but still there are many things which may annoy your browsing experience.

Facebook Hide

Eternal Sunshine is a more complete hide. It’s not perfect yet, but it gets rid of the most prevalent Facebook content, including:

– Stream updates
– Profile updates
– Profile photo updates
– Photo page photo albums
– Sidebar suggested photo albums
– Chat list
– Frequent friends on chat list
– User profile friends list

But What is Eternal Sunshine?

Well, simple … this is a Chrome browser extension, once installed, will completely remove everything concerning the content relating to specific users listed among their peers on Facebook, thus avoiding the display news and information to which you have not actually interesting but did not remove the friendship granted.

The use of the extension is very simple because, to see it in action, all you will need to do is not to click on the icon that will arise directly on the toolbar of the browser and the popup window that appears, enter your user name or ID of the man or woman that you intend to hide updates, press the Enter button on your keyboard and you’re done!

Download Eternal Sunshine Addon

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Rasheed - January 24, 2011

Helpful for facebook users 🙂


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