What is Launcher For Android? List of Evergreen Launchers

In Android, a Launcher is an app which replaces your User Interface/Home Screen for better looks, better options, better productivity and more over better User Interface. Android phones come up with a stock UI/Home Screen apps respective to their make like TouchWiz by Samsung, HTC Sense by HTC and so on.

But after getting used to your phone you will get bored to these stock UI’s so all you need is better Launcher. In “Google Play”, there are many launchers’ presents to choose from. We came up with a few best according to use and features.



1. Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher Ex is a free app with its very beautiful and generous interfaces. Its main USP is UI and animations. It comes up with loads of animation and UI tweaks to amaze you. For each and every interface it has a wide variety of animations and transitions to choose from and they work flawlessly. Also it has built in “Hide apps” feature to hide some apps from others. Other features include adjust thumb size of apps, no of apps on a page and even make a folder of apps like as in iPhone. Go Launcher Ex’s menu has the three tabs viz. All Apps, Recent Apps and Running Apps.


Also Go Launcher Ex has built in “App killer” to release memory and Kill unwanted running apps from Running Apps tab. Home screen base line shortcuts can be changed according to your choice and it’s not only limited to four apps, you can slide over for three different base shortcut bars and put 12 different app shortcuts which are an added feature! Go Launcher Ex has the theme support too. There is a wide variety of themes to choose from Google Play if you even get fed up of basic launcher UI theme.

Hit- Loads of features to choose from viz. Custom Screens, Animations, Transitions, Folder creation, App Killer, Recent Apps, Hide Apps, Launcher Setting Backup, etc etc…

Get it here.

2. ADW.Launcher

ADW.Launcher comes up with free and paid version too. The free version has fewer features as compared to paid one as its a main strategy of app business. ADW.Launcher has simplicity in overall use, looks and features. It gives some extra addition to the stock UI only like a single scrollable app drawer.



Also we can customize home screen application tab as same like is an iPhone/Galaxy One and put whatever shortcuts we want. In ADW.Launcher we can drag and drop action buttons and drop unlimited shortcuts/folders etc.  ADW.Launcher also supports theme to choose from Google Play.

Hit- Simplistic interface, added features like more screen layouts, home screen shortcut editing options, single screen app drawer

Miss- Folder creation, custom animations and transitions, sharper UI looks.

Get it here.

3. LauncherPro

LauncherPro also comes with Paid and Free version too as like of ADW.Launcher. Even some features and looks too resembles like in ADW. It’s like Launcher Pro is the big brother of ADW. Launcher. LauncherPro is smooth in UI and feature exploring.


Hit- Crisper look, Simplistic interface, Home screen shortcut editing options, Single screen app drawer, App drawer animation

Miss- Folder creation, Custom animations and transitions, More screen editing options, etc

Get it here.

4. Launcher 7

Launcher 7– Everybody knows about Windows Phone 7 but very few have used it or seen it. Here’s your chance to convert your Droid into WP7. Launcher 7 helps you transform your phone’s UI to Win 7 mobile. Launcher 7 transforms phones home screen and locker same like as in Win 7 phones.


It’s very simple and elegant launcher. There’s no app drawer button, all you need is just drag the screen on the right side you’ll be redirected to your apps. There are no extra features in this launcher besides this simple and beautiful user interface.

Hit- Super Simplistic interface, Crisper look, Windows Phone 7 look, Windows Phone 7 transition and app icons, Single one way app drawer

Miss- Custom animations and transitions, Folder creation, Ad based, etc

Get it here.

5. iLauncher

iLauncher Lite– Everyone is fond of the iPhone! So iLauncher Lite is there to have your dream gadget like feel up to some extent. iLauncher Lite simply clones your phone to iPhone like UI.


It will give you iPhone like app drawer, transitions and tweaks. iLauncher simply converts your phones launcher and app icons in iPhone like a way to give you total iPhone like feel. Though it’s not that much sharp and accurate in drawing icons like the iPhone but it gives you that feel up to some extent for sure.

Hit- iPhone like interface, iPhone like app transition and effect, iPhone like app icons

Miss- Sharper UI looks, Folder creation, Custom animations and transitions, More options to edit screen, Home screen

Get it here.

My Take– As far as a feature, UI, Transition and overall use, Go Launcher Ex is a clear winner for sure!

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Naice. Have used just one of the launchers, will try out the others. Thanks for the detailed info 🙂

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