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Execute Startup Programs One at a time and Start Netbook Faster

Netbooks with low configuration work at a slow speed while having multiple tasks running simultaneously. The problem irritates mostly when we start or wake up the Netbook, it takes time to load in its normal state.

Owing to low configuration, its a bit hard for that small Atom Processor. To overcome this, My Startup Delayer is the perfect, small & handy utility specially for Netbook users.

I have a HP mini with Atom Processor 1.6GHz & 1GB RAM & I am aware of the problems that come while multitasking. My Startup Delayer makes it possible for the Auto-start Apps to load after few seconds from the startup. You can select the time according to your Startup loading. You can also Disable the features & Apps that you don’t want to load at the Startup.

What is the difference between using Startup Delayer insted of the Windows “Startup” menu?
Well.. Windows launch ALL the software simultaneously making it really slow and unresponsive. Whereas, My Startup Delayer launch them one by one (you can set the seconds to wait after each execution).

How does My Startup Delayer work

As shown in the screenshot, you can see the highlighted programs which I have delayed. At the right corner, you can put your time & the programs will load according to that.

After this process completes, run My Startup Delayer with Administrator rights. Now after making your suitable changes, hit the save button and exit and restart the Netbook to check whether its working properly or not.

After Restarting you must get these dialogue boxes

The default time setting is set to 20 seconds. After the startup, a dialogue box appears with a countdown of 20 seconds. It will load the Auto-Start programs after this countdown. You can choose to Pause or Execute now.

After executing all the programs, the process ends here. Next programs will be loaded by you. I tried adding various programs to start itself but this utility is only for those programs which have the option of Auto-Start.

This utility is thoroughly tested by me & I have hardly confronted any errors or slow performance. You have to Start this program with Administrator Privileges (Run as Administrator) to avoid the possible errors.

Download My Startup Delayer Here

Same thing implies to Firefox, there you have Load Tabs Progressively Addon to load open tabs one after another instead of all at same time.

Note: My Startup Delayer works on Microsoft .Net 3.5.2 platform, so when you install Startup Delayer, it will download the .Net 3.5.2 framework automatically.

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sushil - December 22, 2011

i will surely try on my netbook dell inspiron 1018.
thanks Rohit.


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