How to Export Batch Files from Google Docs

Google Doc now support Batch Files exporting for their online saved documents, presentations, spreadsheets  or other data. Google Doc now provide you to save all your saved data in your computer using Batch File Exporting. So, no more downloading one by one.

If you want to export all your saved data from your Google Doc account to your Computer, then follow the below steps.

1:- Login to your Google Doc account.

2:- Click on Select all visible option or manually mark the check boxes to select your documents to whom you want to export

google doc

3:- Right click inside the normal screen of Google Doc and then select More Action> Export

expert files

4:- On following window click Continue

google doc2

5:- It will now start Zipping the files and will complete the process.

export google doc

google doc4Now the process has been completed, and you can download all your important data in batch.

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