Extend and Enhance Recycle Bin functions in Windows

Everyday we keep deleting many files from our computer, some people like to delete files directly by Shift+Del and some prefer deleting to recycle bin first. For people who like to delete files to recycle bin first Recycle BinEx will be of great help. It enhances utility of conventional Recycle Bin by adding features like Group Deleting and Auto Deletion after certain days.

Recycle BinEx is a free, small and easy to use application that basically allows users to manage their recycle bin contents. You can now delete files easily by categorizing the time period when files were moved to recycle bin.

Working with this application is easy. It consists of one main window that displays deleted files with associated information. It also provides a search option by which you can search file names within the recycle bin. You can also enable auto deletion of files that stay in recycle bin for specified number of days and integrate additional deletion options in recycle bin context menu.

The recycle bin context menu includes options like delete files added one day ago, two days ago, 7 days ago, 3 months ago. This option will help you quickly clear you recycle bin without wasting much time.

Recycle BinEx has a unique feature that is it can delete files in recycle bin from multiple windows version from the current running version. This means now you can view and delete recycle bin contents of Vista from Windows 7 if you are running a dual boot. This feature is not present in default recycle bin. It also supports command line mode.

Download: Recycle BinEx

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