3 Extensions to enhance Copy Functions in Chrome Browser

Copy function is mostly used while browsing web whether it is to search term, share webpage, etc. So, here we list power tools for Chrome browser to make this job time saving and productive thanks to Chrome Extensions.

Copy Title+URL to clipboard

It allows you to copy URL of a page in different format which is generally used for sharing on Social web. That is in the form – Title and URL. Not just for sharing but it has other formats too like <a href="..> Tag which can be used for crediting the original source. This also supports Title : Short URL format which is essential when it comes to 140 character limit.

Download Copy Title+URL

Copy all links on webpage to clipboard

Copy all links from a webpage in one click using context menu option. This copies all links to clipboard which can be used later accordingly.

Download Link2Clip

Copy HTML Tables to clipboard or Create Google Docs

It detects all tables present on a webpage and copies them to clipboard in same format . Also, you can create Google Docs spreadsheet out of them directly from one click with the necessary column & row separators with the necessary column and row separator.

Download Table Capture

Copy All URLs

This is bonus in the list. Copy all URLs of opened tabs in browser in a format like Title : URL, only Title or Just URL on separate lines.

Download Copy all URLs

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