Standalone Facebook Chat Client Instant Messenger Desktop Application

Facebook is no doubt most popular social network and not just updating status but also Facebook chat is quite popular way of passing time with friends. If you just want to access Facebook chat like gtalk or Yahoo Messenger, then FacebookDiscovery is a good option.

Standalone Facebook Chat Client Application

Opening Web browser, just to access facebook chat integrated is not always a good choice. FDiscovery is a stand alone Facebook Chat Client for Windows. It is simple and light weight application with support for Multiple Chat windows. Also, you can update your Facebook status right from FacebookDiscovery.

Design and use is very similar to any Instant messenger showing you the list of online friends and allowing to chat with anyone with separate window. Another impressive feature which this application offers and not available in Facebook native chat feature is to save an archive of Chats.

Download FacebookDiscovery

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Ron - November 28, 2010

Hey hi,

This is a very nice application … was in search of this for time 😉

Sydney @ InteliWise - November 29, 2010

Nice! I have been waiting for something like this because Facebook chat just has the small window below. I know there is a pop out for chat but I’d still have to open the browser. Thanks! 🙂

Nihar - November 30, 2010

Great find dude.

Tanks for sharing this.

Tausyefkhan - December 2, 2010

Hey bro thankxxxxxx for sharing such a great application, but whenever i launch an application it gives me an error ” login failed. Please try again later ” why its giving an error ? plzzzzzzz give me a solution. Thankxxxx.


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