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Make Facebook Chat More Awesome With Group Listing, Online Notifications, etc

Facebook users always want to have a better and more efficient interface than the default one. Refacechat covers your Facebook profile with its own interface & gives you more options like Listing of Friends Group, Notification when Friend is online and most importantly disables Facebook Sidebar.

As you can see the screenshot, Refacechat shows a quick notification, in the bottom left side of the browser, about those friends who have just come online. It is useful when you are playing games or watching photos & videos, as it shows up on top of everything you are currently working on.

This screenshot shows the new chat box, which gives you access to be online as Available for selected friends or as per your friends group list. You just have to make your group of selected friends in a list in your facebook profile & this chat box will sync up with it and manage your friends as per the lists. Its a very much needed feature when you want to avoid a lot of friends & be Available for the closest ones.

The last screenshot is the Refacechat Menu. It gives you three basic options for which we are actually implementing all of this to have an ease while using Facebook. It replaces the Sidebar which is actually given by Facebook and a bit confusing while selecting friends for chatting. It also takes its own space to make Facebook screen look smaller and organized. Plus, it doesn’t hide the offline contacts &  hence it seems cluttered. For having such small but very useful settings in your facebook profile, use Refacechat.

This script will work only with your web-browser in which you have installed it. If you are using Facebook from another browser or PC, this will not work as it is not attached to your Facebook profile. It is an extension of the browser which works with Facebook only.

Also, Refacechat does not make your browser’s performance slow. Even if you want the normal Facebook interface back, you can disable Refacechat from its menu. Experience your friends on Facebook with a newer and efficient interface. Enjoy!

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Mayank - February 8, 2012

This Addon or whatever it is, is a good one if you really love to use FB and sit in front of it almost the whole time, like to visit your friend’s profile to post something on his wall or just get his alerts.

But if u just want to get rid of the new FB chat and enjoy the old look then i prefer to use “FB Chat Sidebar Disabler”. It gives back the old look with froup listing and many other options.

Should try it, that’s what i recommend. 😀


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