Facebook right inside your Gmail account

If you are a Google Chrome user you can conveniently use your Facebook account in your Gmail. This featureĀ  can be enabled by using a small chrome extension Gmail Facebook integration. It will save your time and let you check and update facebook account as you log in Gmail to check mails.

Once the extension is installed and you have logged into Gmail, you will see facebook integration just as Google Buzz. You have to log in to your facebook account from there and confirm access to status updates, news feeds and re-authorization.

Once the above steps are done, just sit back and enjoy being connected with your friends all time.

Download: Gmail Facebook integration

Update: Access Facebook within Gmail Account on any Broswer

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CA Karan Batra - February 22, 2010

and wht abt Internet Explorer???

with all applications being built for Google Chrome, it seems that Internet Explorer is loosing ground

    Rohit Langde - February 22, 2010

    True, IE is losing ground. Since, launch of Chrome 4 final and extension support, More and More users are turning to it

Suryakant Bhagekar - April 18, 2012

sir how to activate this feature for firefox 4.0???


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