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11 Facebook Shortcut Keys For Quick Navigation and Faster Browsing

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Key List

Did you know that you can open the page of your profile, messages, notifications and access other areas of Facebook via shortcut keys? You probably weren’t aware of it right? So, read on for faster navigation on Facebook using Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

List of Facebook Shortcut Keys

The shortcuts that will list the following should be combined with keys that depend on your browser. If your browser is Internet Explorer or Google Chrome , one should use the Alt key, since if your choice is Firefox , use the Alt + Shift.

Here are the Numeric Keys to be used in combination:

  • Key 1 – go to your news feed;
  • Key 2 – go to your profile;
  • Key 3 – add new friends;
  • Key 4 – go to their posts;
  • Key 5 – go to their notifications;
  • Key 6 – go to your account settings;
  • Key 7 – go to your privacy settings;
  • Key 8 – go to the Facebook page;
  • Key 9 – go to page with the policy and the terms of Facebook;
  • Key 0 – go to the help desk;
  • M key – opens the dialog box for creating a new message (does not work in Internet Explorer).

How To Use Facebook Keys on Firefox

For example, if you use Firefox and want to go to the news feed on your Facebook, then hold down Alt and Shift keys and hit Numeric Key-2.

Facebook Shortcut Keys on Chrome and Internet Explorer

If you use Chrome or Internet Explorer and want to check your messages, then hold the Alt key pressed and press Numeric Key 4.

So, no more moving mouse all over the screen and continue to to browse Facebook with both hands on Keyboard.

Maybe you were already aware about these shortcut keys for Facebook but I am sure you never heard about these little known Facts about Facebook.

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