Express Facebook Status updates and Wall posts in your own Voice

Sending messages to friends is a task commonly done in Facebook. Earlier we had covered a facebook app named Voice Tag which helped you in sending voice mails to friends. MyMic is another app that will allow you to do this task easily.

MyMic is not entirely free but it does provide a free version that allows you to record voice messages of length 20s. Using this application is very simple. you just have to allow this application gain basic access to your account.

Once the previous step is done you can find MyMic in your Facebook profile’s application list. Just start the application and click on Start Recording.

Before it can start recording you will have to grant flash access to use your microphone. You can now use the record button to record your message.

When the recording is finished, you can publish it. Hitting the publish button will convert the audio for sharing with facebook profile.

Here you will get two options, either you can publish it on your wall or you can send it personally to your friends.

This application works great with out any jerks or difficulties. Its simple interface makes it easier to understand. Just keep your flash player updated to get optimum performance.

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