Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is Blogsolute?

Blogsolute is an online tech magazine publishing about software tools especially on Windows Software, web tools, tips and How-To articles.

What is the purpose of Blog?

We strive to make computing easier by letting our readers know about new releases and how can they use in their daily work. With the countless number of tools available online and offline, we choose the best ones and bring it to you which can prove to be useful.

How Old is this site?

Blogsolute came into existence in December 2007 (under different name on free Blogger platform).

Who writes content for Blogsolute?

Currently, team consists of three people:
Rohit Langde (Founder and Strategist), Sourojit Nandi (Editor) and Saket Narayan (Contributor).

Do you accept Guest Posts?

Short Answer: No
Still, if you think that you have really good article to share with our readers and not just publishing for marketing purpose, drop us a mail-

Can I re-publish / re-print your articles?

Short Answer: No
Long answer: Please read copyright and fair usage policy before you do so.

What Hardware / Software you use?

Check out resources page to know that in details.

What does Blogsolute mean?

The term “blogsolute” is a derivation of the word “absolute”. Rohit registered this domain thinking “Blogsolute” as “absolute blog”.

Do you have an office?

At the moment, we work individually from our homes but soon, we will have an office setup.