Favitt: Global Web Search in the way you like

Search engine is the principal mechanism of which Internet works, they help you to reach those resources and websites you were looking for. We use search engines to find information, images, videos and products and there are dedicated search engines for everything. Favitt is much more convenient service which searches multiple sites at once.

Not just Multiple site searching but it allows you to customize the homepage by changing background images of your choice, add or remove search engines from a single platform. So, you probably save time to use same keyword again and again on different tabs on different search engines. Using multiple tabs, it is possible to find all relevant information like videos, images and news article and reviews about the product keyword you have entered.

Another noticeable feature about Favitt is that you can save images and links from results at one place for referring them in future. It generally happens that while searching a particular product- You go on switching to different search engines to find relevant results and then make decisions. Also, The search results page has a share button – so not only can you share your favitt homepage but if you find an interesting search result,  you can share it with your friends.

Favitt Homepage

On the Homepage, it looks like just another search engine interface but you get multiple options with the tabs above namely Google, Bing, Images, Youtube and News. Yes, you can add more social services by clicking in More+ which includes Digg, Twitter, Last.FM, Yelp, Answers, Wikipedia, Amazon and Maps. In this way, you get latest price list and what people are saying about through the integration of these social webs.

Favitt Results

The result page is now showing Custom Google Results page with some more options in left sidebar if you want to switch search engine. The right sidebar shows the real time search results from Twitter, related Youtube video results and Image results.

If you create your Favitt account, you get more number of personalization features like uploading more than one background images which can be shuffled daily automatically. Next, it is possible to set the position of search bar. Get your search page filled with links that you use for your business, your personal things and for customizing your social community links.

My Verdict : This service is completely free to use and offers so many customization features which lets you search in the way you like. Addition of Personalized background images gives us a feeling of personal homepage with ability to share with friends and that too with custom unique search engine URL (for registered users only).

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