File and Folder Comparison Tool

Sometimes we have two almost identical versions of a file extension and it does not allow us to quickly verify whether they are completely equal or not.

TextDiff is a small portable utility that will help us compare two files and quickly find their differences. All you have to do is join two text files and click the button “Compare” to see the difference almost immediately in the text marked in a light green color by default, but this we can modify to our liking.

It supports drag-and-drop of files, customizable color highlighting of differences, comparison of folders, two-way merging, in-place text editing etc.

File comparison tool

There is a Windows editor that allows us to compare documents natively, but Notepad + + can do this through a plugin.  But TextDiff (only available for Windows) is more complete and allows us to compare directories or folders to quickly find files that are not in both. This can be very useful if you were copying or supporting our folders and for some reason (power outage) the task is interrupted.

Download TextDiff

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