File Splitter Split Files into Small Parts on Android and File Joiner

Splitting files is useful when you want to upload them on web in parts or send via FTP or connect Friend’s Bluetooth. File Splitter for Android lets you split any file type into any custom size resulting in any number of parts.

What is File Splitting

Breaking up a single large file into parts; For example: 200 MB File when split into 20MB size gets broken into 10 files. When moved to different place, these parts can be re-joined to make one single file.

File Splitter is easy and straightforward to use. Here’s how to use.

How to Split files on Android using File Splitter

Open the application. It has Two buttons: Split and Join.

To Split, Browse for the file you want to split in parts. Splitting process will take time and it varies according to size of file. If the file is too big then, you can even exit the app as the process takes place in background.

This create files with extension .00 to .09 [as per the size] which are saved where the original file was located.

To Join, Locate the file with extension .00 and rest of the parts will be automatically detected and Joining process will start. Though the process is Fast but may take longer depending on file size but you can still move to other app as process runs in background.

Remember, selecting any other file will result in an unsuccessful joining. Also, if any split part is missing or gets corrupted somehow, File Splitter will not, of course, be able to join them successfully.

So, no more File Size Limitation while emailing or uploading anywhere. Obviously, an useful tool if you upload files more often and have size restrictions.

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