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Fill out Captchas automatically on Hotfile, Filesonic, etc Download Sites

Sophisticated Download Managers are jDownloader and Mipony are used to download files from File hostings like Megaupload, Rapidshare, Fileserve, etc. But the you have to pass through annoying Captcha so, here is a plugin for these software to bypass Captchas or fill them automatically.

Captcha still remains problem because Instead of checking whether you are human, some actually does an eye test! and Moreover time is wasted on identifying and filling out.

Captcha Trader is most accurate captcha filling service which is based on Credit system.

How to Enter Captchas Automatically with Captcha Trader

Create account on CaptchaTrader and after successfully verifying account, you get 100 Credits. 10 Credits are spent on cracking one captcha means only 10 captchas can be filled out for free.

To get more, you can earn credits by solving out captchas or buy credits which is cheap i.e 10000 credits for 6$.

Plugin is available for jDownloader, Mipony, PyLoad and FritzLoad and installation manual comes with the plugin package for respective program.
For jDownloader – Download plugin and unzip the contents into installation folder –
<JDownload Install Directory>\jd\captcha\methods

Open the file with Notepad captchatrader.properties and modify it this way:

username = your user name at CaptchaTrader
password = your password at CaptchaTrader

That’s it! Now start jdownloader , put in all the files you want to download and watch the “magic”. Time 12-13 seconds and even the most difficult captcha will be overcome by the program automatically without you having to lift a finger. Re-Enjoy!

Captcha Trader Plugin jDownloader

I tested it with Hotfile as you can see in screenshot, it took 7-8 seconds to break captcha and start downloading automatically. You can cross check the captcha solution in a test file named “output” in plugin directory after successfully cracking it.

Enter Captchas Automatically on Chrome, Firefox and Safari

Open an account at Rumola. (you’ll get 10 free trials at registration)

Install the addon required for your browser.

After installing the addon, restart your browser if required and once the plugin is activated, it will automatically start filling captchas for you.

Once you start to fill other fields or double click captcha field, Rumola will initiate captcha recognition and read the numbers & letters and puts them in the box for you.

If you are using any other download manager, leave your comments about success rate and problems faced if any.

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shaik afzal mohiuddin - August 24, 2011

Is there any software which can do captcha work of freelance.com


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