Where to Find Music to Suit My Mood Perfectly

Our desires do not always have a name. Sometimes it’s just a desire for music, but no name. You only know it’s Sunday morning and you want a perfect soundtrack to your begin with the lazy, festive mood.

As always our friend, the Internet is ready to help us. You can listen to music directly from your state of mind (the wonders of modernity), using one of these web apps.

Musicovery – Discover Music

From the union of words of ” Music and Discovery”, what you can expect is travel between new musical horizons with no other way other than that of your state of mind? A simple mouse rollover between moods– Energetic, Positive, Calm and Dark enough to choose the music you like.

Positioning pointer at any point of the diagram, you will hear a preview of the type of music corresponding to that coordinate. Once you decide what music you dance, you can further refine your selection by deleting or adding musical genres, decades, classics and new discoveries.

Too bad that without premium account you can not skip a song playing or creating playlists. Also, if you do not pay bills a little ‘of advertising.

StereoMood – Emotional Web Radio

As the name tells, the main function of this nice web app is what it’s makers call an emotional web radio. Finding the right music to your mood is easy: just land on the homepage, stereomood welcomes you with a long list of tags, from “sunny day” to “candlelit dinner” to “lets party”, in a triumph of mood playlists ready notes to fill any mood.

If you create a free account, you can add items to your custom playlists, share them on social networks, buy them on Amazon or iTunes, read related information on the Internet and more. You can also create a custom profile, where you gather your mood and your playlists and share. The possibility of interaction with other users stereomood are still to be improved.

TheSixtyOne – A Music Adventure

Here the function- mood is more hidden and less prominent than the main purpose of this fine web app, dedicated mainly to get to know new artists and new music. Perfect, if your mood also includes the ability to listen to more experimental styles and let yourself flow along with the music.

When you like a song, you can make thesixtyone virtually whatever you want: rate it (and see how other users have voted), read the comments, get news about the author of the song, buy it and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Still under development, thesixtyone is perfect for those who are eager to discover new music, but is not suitable for traditionalists.


Genres and Sub-Generes to choose from to suit your mood. Aupeo has a cool modern Interface making it easy to find what you like. Alongwith, you can choose from stations or find artist you want.

The stations are grouped by genre and are compiled by AUPEO!’s music experts. Within personal you can play your personal station, which is based on whatever you have previously listened to and requires that you sign up with AUPEO!

8Tracks – Handcrafted Music Tracks

Fun and innovative web app that lets you listen to music selections of other users (all completely made ??up of 8 tracks) or create your own. All playlists have a title and description, and then you can search for music that you like to listen through the name of an artist or song tags, easy listening, and so on.

8tracks is a great way to discover new songs, and to socialize, since the interaction between users and social media is great. You can also choose to follow (like Twitter) users whose playlists you like most. Really well done!

And you, what sites do you use to listen to the music that best fits your mood?

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