How to Find and Replace Text in multiple files within a folder

Every Text editors now give you an option to find and replace text in a specific file open in that application but what if you want to make changes in bulk; I mean to find text string and Replace it with another in multiple files in a folder. This can save a big time making changes in files one by one.

We already shared a search text across multiple files but that didn’t allow you to replace with different string. Neo Replace is a freeware which lets you search words, phrases or characters in a text file or multiple files at once and replace the matches to make it in multiple files, you only have to specify a folder and Neo Replace will search all files text within the folder, the types of supports text files. html,. php,. xml,. txt,. asp and many more that you can specify yourself, but does not support binary files such as doc, xls, obt and ppt.

Find and Replace Text in multiple=

Operation is simple, Enter Text to be found on left side and text string with which it is to replaced on right side. It is possible to add multiple strings and perform replacing operation in one shot.

Find and Replace Text in multiple=

While performing a bulk operation, there are chances that something can go wrong so, Neo Replace offers a backup feature. It is certainly a very useful tool for developers who need to search and replace several variables such as source code files which is the case for me has helped me a lot. To use Neo Replace, you need to install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 or higher and runs only on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Download Neo Replace (937 KB)

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Rakesh Solanki - July 9, 2010

Manually finding duplicate files in folder is quite boring, but this app could help us!

Mike @ cheap term life insurance - July 10, 2010

I have wasted many hours doing what this tool seems to do…….I am going to have to check it out to see if it fits the bill!

vl - March 30, 2011

WildReplace lets users search and replace text strings inside multiple files. It also displays the text occurrences with their exact location in files.


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