Search a Word or particular term across multiple files in Folders

Working on a WordPress theme, I did many changes into various files. Some inside the work folder while some experimental text files outside. When searching for a particular code I wrote in some file and don’t remember the filename.

I wondered, if I could search that term in number of files in one go. Yes, that would save a big time rather than opening each PHP file and finding it. FileSeek is a powerful Windows program that will allow us to search for files but also of existing content within them, which makes him very useful in several situations as in my case.


For example, we may devote to blogging or poetry, and we need to find a text that we have written so far. Or maybe we just want to find developers and the code needed to implement a certain function. All that we can make it through FileSeek and his ability to search within files, which Linux users have known for many years with grep.

With support for regular expressions, we ask FileSeek: search for all files containing the text “Ownership” but excluding those that are directed to “John” or “Carlos”, or those of HTML.

Another plus when it comes to Windows is the integration in the context menu, as well as the software to be portable. In its latest version, FileSeek is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP in both 32 and 64 bits.

Download FileSeek

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Anand subramanian - November 10, 2009

Have been searching this thanks alot !!!

    Rohit Langde - November 11, 2009

    @Anand subramanian, I am glad that you finally found what you wanted. Welcome.

Blogging Tutoirals - November 11, 2009

Rohit this is very good.Thanks man.
Keep sharing with us.

PeterMcI - September 13, 2010

Just switched to Windows 7 Word 2010 and was frustrated at not being able to find how to search across files and folders. FileSeek did the trick – – small, efficient, effective, brilliant. Thank you.


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