Take Complete Care of Firefox Privacy and Security With These Addons

Web Browser is a gateway to Internet / World Wide Web from your Computer. Data Transaction done through Web browsers hence should be safe and secure. This article is for the one, worried about Privacy of Personal Information given from browser.

Big Browser is Watching You - Firefox Privacy Addons

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Often, People are scared to view unknown websites as they are scared to get infected or get caught up in a scam and lose their personal information.When you get caught up in a scam and do lose your information the only simple thing you can do is change your username and password through email verification, but you can always find some ways to protect your privacy.

There are a lot of add-ons which helps in make surfing the internet a safer place (Google Chrome does also provide extensions for secure browsing but these are for Firefox).

You can give a try to some of these Firefox plugins/add-ons for securing your personal information over internet.

Better Privacy

betterprivacy LSO cookies

Better Privacy isn’t just a simple Firefox add-on. It deletes a special kind of cookies known as LSO (Local Shared Objects) also known as flash cookies which stays on your computer for an unlimited time. They are larger in size compared to normal cookies (100 KB to 40KB). They are harmful for another reason as they are not fully managed by your browser and all browsers uses the same LSO and can send information to LSO tracking site without user information. LSO can also re-cerate and delete traditional cookies (Not the Coconut One).

Link – Better Privacy

HTTPS Everywhere

https everywhere secured websites

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) Everywhere is another good add-on for regular Firefox internet user as it automatically opens up the website being opened in secure mode, thus preventing your personal information from being viewed by others. Though there are some good websites which doesn’t provide secure browsing.

Link – HTTPS Everywhere

MD5 Hasher Reborned

md5 reborned hasher checksum

When you download a file from the internet there are always a chance of getting a corrupted file. You cannot check it by yourself without actually opening it, but you can always compare the checksum of the original file with the downloaded one. MD5 Hasher Reborned gives you the ability to calculate checksum of the downloaded file and compare it with the original one.

MD5 Hasher Reborned


keyscrambler encrypting

KeyScrambler basically encrypt every keystroke made by you through your keyboard, thus providing a totally secure environment for chatting, messages, password and username input, and any thing you search or write in your browser. When you install keyscrambler, it install a plugin for firefox and Internet explorer users. So if you,re really worried about securing your password and other inputted text then you should definitely try keyscrambler.

Link – KeyScrambler

I personally recommend HTTPS Everywhere, BetterPrivacy, and KeyScrambler to be used by every Firefox user and stop worrying about Privacy.

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