[Fix] Connect Samsung Galaxy S to Ad-hoc Network

Samsung Galaxy S without  doubt is a gem of a phone with all round capability be it for business or for gaming needs. The only problem I encountered with the phone was it lacked the feature to connect to ad-hoc wireless networks. The two scenario where I it baffled me was :

1. I was not able to share the laptop internet connection with my Samsung Galaxy S over the wifi ad-hoc network.
2. It also restrained me from playing multiplayer Gameloft games with my friend over wifi.

Now here is a fix to connect your Samsung to ad-hoc wifi network.

Note: You must root your phone before proceeding any further. If you have not yet rooted your phone here is a easiest one click rooting method.

  • Create an ad-hoc wifi network on your laptop (WEP).
  • Download a small file wpa_supplicant for your Samsung Galaxy s and remove the .txt extension such that the file will have a blank extension.
  • Download and install Root Explorer on your phone and grant it root super user privileges.
  • Transfer the wpa_supplicant file to your phone SD card.
  • Now copy wpa_supplicant file to /system/bin folder using Root Explorer  installed earlier (don’t forgot to backup your original wpa_supplicant file).


That’s all, now you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S to ad-hoc network and share your laptop’s internet connection or play multiplayer game over wifi.

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Yosep - November 25, 2010

Can it works on Froyo ??
firmware DXJPA

Joseph - December 4, 2010

Doesn’t work. After copying the wpa_supplicant file over to /system/bin/ it remain unchanged.
I can tell because of the file size remain the same.
And of course, still can’t detect ad hoc network while other device has no problem with it.

    Alan - May 11, 2011

    I had that problem too, actually you have to enable system read/write access to be able to replace that file, otherwise the original file will stay. Use Super Manager (from the market), enable root functions in its settings, and in menu, choose the system image -> r/w mode. then replace with any file manager (super manager started acting funny), then i did it with File Expert.

      Mario Cayer - September 25, 2011

      My cell is:
      Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate SGH-T959D v2.3.3
      When I try to change Enable ROOT function, it tell me:
      The ROOT function in this program is not support your device or system image!

      What can I do to make Rear Write my root system?

DragoDeLune - December 9, 2010

on galaxyS Vibrent model I9000M it work a 100% after file copyed need reboot and all done
thx Ashish


Nelson - December 11, 2010

Shoudn’t the wpa_supplicant be a text file? All I get is a confising file that neither gedit nor vim can understand. Looks like some binary.

Jzee - December 11, 2010

could not paste it to /system/bin using root explorer.reason is file system wpa_supplicant is read-only.plz help

Seve - December 26, 2010

Any changes to wpa_supplicant don’t seem to take effect, the timestamp on the file still says Aug 10, 2010 after I’ve tried deleting/replacing. Root explorer says each action is a success but then why would the timestamp still be set to August?

    Seve - December 26, 2010

    Nevermind, I’m an idiot, I forgot to grant superuser.

Erman - December 31, 2010

Hi,I tried but It doesn’t work, on galaxy s 2.2 froyo, i can’t see any available ad-hoc connection, do you have any solution for this?

Swordfish - January 13, 2011

Hi to all!
i tried it, and my SGS see the ad-hoc connections, but can`t get the IP adress. Does somebody know the solutions for this? Thank you.
PS: sorry for my English)))

Afazzy - January 20, 2011

Didn’t work on mine…I can’t delete or replace the original wpa_supplicant because it says the file is read only…pardon my stupidity

    Afazzy - January 20, 2011

    I’ve been surfing the web and saw that I had to push the remount RW button on the top right….the problem is that the button never appears on my phone….I have a GT-i9000 with Android 2.2…any ideas on how to see the RW button

Nelson - February 21, 2011

Mmm.. ok, I just did what you said but it doesn’t seem to be working on the i7500. As they are similar I thought it would. In fact, it is preventing me to see any networks now. And if I try to run the binary though the shell (via adb shell with root of course) I get something like

[1] + Stopped (signal) wpa_supplicant

I guess something is going wrong and I shouldn’t use this binary with the i7500. Luckly I have the old wpa_supplicant just at hand. But do you know of a similar trick for my phone?


Nabeel Faruqui - March 2, 2011

This does not work for Samsung 551 Galaxy. Please share any file which should work on this model.
Many Thanks


Soran - March 5, 2011

It works on I9000 galaxy s 2.2/2.2.1 froyo perfectly, but it’s problematic on Gingerbread 2.3.2

Willy - March 9, 2011

It works until reboot, the the original wpa_supplicant is restored.
I’ve used Z4root to obtain root privileges.
Froyo on Galaxy S

Adam - May 29, 2011

I think that I have done everything but still no adhoc connection shows up. I noticed something about froyo and gingerbread. How do i find which version I am using on my Galaxy S? If I am using gingerbread then maybe that is the problem.

cosmin - June 3, 2011

hy… i ve done the settings, but still doesn connect… it remains on obtaining the adress without conecting… please can you help me

samsung splus - November 14, 2011

not work on samsung galaxy s plus !!!

hussain - December 16, 2011

I do everything and i fond ad hoc network but when i try to connect it its dont connect plz slove my this problem

David - May 6, 2012

hey Ashish
im facing the same problem. when i try to connect to Adhoc on my laptop the phone displays ‘Obtaining IP address…’ and then displays ‘Remembered’ and then again ‘Obtaining IP address…’. Can this be solved?


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