File Association Fixer: Fix File Association Problem in Windows 7 and Vista

File association is a problem that we generally face after registry corruption due to virus attack or as a result of misusing some softwares. Facing this problem you will not be able to open file types of specific type e.g. unable to open specific drives on computer directly with double click. This problem can be solved easily with File Association Fixer.

If you are not able to open a Folder or a Drive the way it used to then you need to fix its filetype association. And this free utility can help you fix it on one click.

It is a free and portable utility with simple and easy to use interface. It consists of all types of commonly use file types indexed in format (A –  I) and (I –  z). Some of the extensions given are bmp, com, directory, folder, drive, inf, ico, reg, scr, tif, jpeg, msc, zip etc. It is easy to use and simple just click the file type you are unable to open and it will be fixed. To see the effects you have to reboot once.

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My Verdict

This is an useful application and is supported on windows 7 and vista, it provides features according to the operating system you have. According to the developer it provides 18 fixes for windows 7 and 26 fixes for vista.

Download: File association Fixer

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R3x - November 13, 2010

Million thanks brother.
I was not able to open any drive and folder on double click in my windows 7.
When I double clicked,
It would pop (the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action…………)
File association fixer fixes this problem in the blink of an eye.
Your post saved me from going mad.You owe me.
thanks brother.

I downloaded it from here


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