Fix Graphic Rendering Issues and Color Problem in Firefox on Windows 8

Recently upgraded to Windows 8 and after installing Mozilla Firefox on it, users are facing problem of garbled UI, blurry images and other graphic rendering issues on UI of Firefox. Problem is usually seen on systems using nVidia Graphics card so, here’s how to Fix.

You may have transparent Firefox buttons and tabs-on-top. Problems may not affect the browser’s performance but it looks odd and sometimes when you have many tabs open its hard to tell which tab you are using.

Fix Firefox Graphic Problem Windows 8

Possible solution is to disable Hardware acceleration on Firefox browser.

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox

  • Click the Firefox main menu button, choose Options.
  • Choose Advanced.
  • Go to General tab.
  • Untick the box beside “Use hardware acceleration when available”. 
  • Restart the Firefox browser (close all windows including Downloads if it’s open, wait 10 seconds and start Firefox again).

Fix Graphic Issues Firefox on Windows 8 Problem


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