Download Multiple Photos from Flickr, Mass Download software

Flickr is a multipurpose service which is used for making albums, sharing, exhibiting our art or just keeping a backup of our images online in safe hands. You may face difficulty while downloading mass number of files at a time.

Uploading task can be accomplished using various Flickr uploading applications. Yes, there are many of them like Flickr Schedulr but if you think of downloading say 1000 photos to your desktop then an application to Bulk download them can save your time and reduce fatigue.


Flickr Explorer is one stop solution for it which can mass download photographs from your Flickr account without pain. Using it is very simple, Just enter username and Authenticate Flickr Explorer to access your account and download as many as photos in one shot.

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Jim - May 15, 2010

Nice app!

I’ve used NCollector Studio a lot and found it suitable for a lot of tasks, including downloading photos from Flickr.


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