Flickr Search engines to download images

Flickr is most popular and huge database of Images on internet. Searching the whole database for a particular image becomes problem so, search engines have been developed to find images on flickr according to title, tags and username too.

Here, I am reviewing two such search services on web which will make utilization of your search time.

LiteFlick : You can browse Flickr images according to the keyword typed and that too quick and fast. It’s Speed and good design are impressive feature. Also, you will not need to load whole Flickr page to see the preview of image you liked thanks to the light box plugin which shows preview on screen overlay.

ZFlick :  LiteFlick is online search engine but if you are expecting some desktop app with some more capabilities then here is ZFlick an Adobe AIR app for viewing and saving photos from the Flickr service.

This allows us to download image via drag and drop which is notable feature. Once you install the app, you’ll see a stylish search bar, just enter your term and press enter. A really cool loading animation can be seen as the 50 pics pop into place, and when done, you can go through them by clicking any image to show in a bigger view.

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