11 ways to search photos on Flickr

flickr searchI love Flickr, both for uploading images, store my photos to learn by observing and studying other photographers. But in many cases the problem of Flickr is what to find what you want. Recently, we reviewed Flickr Search Engines that uses tags. Tags, groups and feeds are a good way to start to filter out information and try not to lose too much time to find what they seek.

Another option are the search engines that have been born about to explore Flickr its variety and versatility. TheseĀ  interesting alternative helps to find pictures … or just spend a pleasant moment enjoying good photographs.

1. Tiltomo

It is a flexible search engine that lets you find photos by label, subject or even color. Looking for example “Heaven”, “clouds” or “blue” and in just a second you get the results. Very fast and then gives you the opportunity to further refine results based on the photos you will show ( “I want more photos like this“).

2. Flickr Color Selectr

Speaking of colors, if you’re looking for something more sophisticated that even allows you to find photos based on a specific color in RGB, this is an amazing tool. On the same front page – offers a color picker, change, automatically refreshes the bottom of the page and photographs to meet this criterion.

3. Multicolr Search Lab

Lets you search photos by color, but here’s the difference, combining up to three different colors. Say you want to find pictures with blue, red and green … it is capable of doing so. Its weakness is that you can not choose a color-specific (as above) and you must contented with the color that comes default. You will be surprised to add color and drawing will be seeing new Flickr photos with the new combination. Be sure to try it.

4. Flickr Related Tag Browser

Enter the label to find and instantly shows you a few photos with this approach but also the pictures around with a cloud of related tags. For example if you search for “cloud” also offers photos of clouds around labels like “sunset”, “blue”, “storm”, “Backlight”, “Sun”, “dawn”, etc.. Very striking in its implementation.

5. Tag Galaxy

It’s a virtual world resembling real galaxy. Save resemblance with the former and its interface is quite spectacular and original. I do not know if it is very convenient and efficient browsing but it certainly attracts attention. Looking for the initial label (represented by a planet) and it offers some other elements (planets) that make up a galaxy related. So we jump from one label to another is a matter of “go sailing through the galaxy” of planet Earth.

6. Flickriver

In addition to searching by user, group, tag or keyword, you can “explore” and browse through some of the most amazing photos uploaded to Flickr in the last two days. A careful selection of images that it does not leave you unmoved.

7. Flickr Storm

A “classic” that in addition to the common quest offers an interesting option to look through the photographs from Flickr under Creative Commons license. This filter can easily be such as: Recognition, Non-Commercial, etc.. Very useful for finding images to use freely in a presentation, for example. Alternatively, to search for as Commons Creatio worth commenting is compfight.

8. Pimpampum

Strange name for a search engine for Flash that lets you search by tag or user, and displays all photos in a “spool” virtual progresses as you put the cursor. None of the other world but it’s another option to consider.

9. PiciShare

Is defined as a “Flickr finder, neither more nor less”. It does nothing special and is presented as an alternative to Flickr’s own search. Interface offers a clean, clear, and the searches are quite fast.

10. Flyr

With a very lightweight and minimalist interface offers the possibility to find photos geolocalizadas. I’ve seen is a rather slow in the searches and the results are not very accurate but I have spoken well of him.

11. Flickr Babel

It allows you to search in other languages but do not know how they say the word you want. For example if you search for “clouds” automatically (via Google Translator) also search Flickr “clouds”, “Wolken”, “nuages” and so on. Very interesting to extend your search and get more results.

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jbzin - August 31, 2010

Very cool! I could grow to REALLY like these search apps!


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