How to create your own fonts easily with Free Font Builder Software

I was never into design stuffs or maybe I am not that creative to build my own fonts for Logos, etc but it is actually possible to create  your own fonts easily. Don’t know whether there are any other methods by which Fonts can be made but I came across Simple Font Editor where you just have to fill blocks with bricks.

Blocks and Bricks sounds confusing, eh? Fontstruct is online Font maker or Fonts builder where you have to fill the space block by block with various shapes of Bricks. Bricks are nothing but various designed shapes which can be used to create one alphabet.

How to start building Font?

Go to and sign up for a new account.

Give a unique name to your font and start building it in editor.

Editor is simple and straight. On right side are the blank blocks which have to filled with the various bricks of your choice given in left hand. For your ease, Related tools like Eraser, etc are given at hand.

Menu at the bottom lets you choose various sources/types of font namely, Greek, Latin, Bengali and even Devnagri. So, this tool can even be used to build many Indian regional languages fonts like Hindi, Marathi, Gurmukhi, Bangla, etc.

Go on creating a design for each character, Numbers and related symbols in that accent. When you are finished with designing each font character. You can try Preview and Test it in Live editor. Satisfied with it, then download the font by pressing on Download button from top menu.

Download comes in ZIP format which contains font in TTF format / extension. This font is compatible with all operating systems. Just open the TTF file or right click on it followed by install button to start using it in applications like MS word, Powerpoint and Photoshop.

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admin - August 8, 2011

what about “high logic fontcreator”

    Rohit Langde - August 9, 2011

    That’s a Windows Desktop Software and looks like Shareware / Trial version. Whereas FontStruct is online application with no installation required and completely Free!
    Anyways, As I have already said in my article that I don’t know much alternatives of Font building software, you added one to my list 🙂


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