Forgot Android Unlock Pattern: How To Open

Pattern lock is most secure screen lock for Android device. By secure I mean, it is not easy to unlock if you forgot pattern. So, here are the recovery methods when you forget Pattern on Android lock. When you forgot Android Pattern to unlock device, you have following options to unlock:

1. Enter Google Account Username and Password

Besides Emergency call, there is option to enter Google account credentials. It is generally at the bottom of the screen in most of the devices. Enter username and password of Google account (the one you used to login Gmail).

Android Password to Unlock Pattern

What if Device isn’t connected to Internet? Even if Data connection or Wi-Fi isn’t enabled on device, no need to worry. Just enter the details and device will be unlocked. This happens because device stores account details offline.

2. I have 2 Step Verification Enabled

For Google accounts with 2 Step verification enabled, the application specific passwords are used to login. These passwords are somewhat like: fgjh-ghfs-yuip-gflv-port Problem is about remembering them. Moreover, for security reasons, these passwords aren’t shown again by Google.

So, you are left with no option other than Factory Reset Android Device.

3. I forgot Google Account used to Sign in

If you have forgotten Google password too, of the account used to sign in Android, solution is Factory reset only. Even if you reset Google account password from some other device but Android has stored old password and there is no chance to get old password from Google.

4. I didn’t use Google Account on Android

Now, this is again a difficult situation. You will gain back access on device only after Hard reset of Android phone.

How to Factory Reset Android when Locked

In unlocked condition, it is easy to wipe / Factory reset device but when it is locked, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Press Volume UP+Home+Power button at a time till Samsung logo appears.
  2. This enters Recovery mode of Android device.
  3. Second option is “Wipe Data/ Factory Reset”. Depending on the Recovery you have installed, it might be third or fourth.
  4. Reboot.

Note: Touch screen doesn’t work in recovery mode, you have to use volume rocker to move up and down. To select, press power or Home key.

Factory reset won’t delete anything from SD Card Memory but it will remove all the user apps installed and remove custom settings if any. Default apps are there itself like Gmail, Play Store, etc however you will need to configure with Google account again.

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Bharat - September 24, 2012

Nice post. All help included in single sheet. 🙂

Abhi - September 25, 2012

Nice article but one thing..
doesn’t the UP + home + power open “Download mode”?
I think Home + power is for recovery mode.
Is it?

    Rohit Langde - September 25, 2012

    Depends on phone. If you have read it correctly, I said “Samsung” phone. Maybe different for HTC and others but I have flashed few Galaxy Series phones and it is UP + home + power for Recovery and Down + home + power for Download mode.

anoj - October 4, 2012

Itz nice. Wil u publish about dish tv?

    Rohit Langde - October 4, 2012

    Hi Anoj, I really couldn’t get the relation between unlock pattern and Dish TV. Will you please elaborate?

Yuvi - May 27, 2016

IS there any speedup software for games


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