Find Free Alternatives For Paid Android Apps All In One Place

Being an Android User the need to have apps rises day by day. The problem arises when the apps we are in most dying need are paid. Nearly most of the top edged apps are not available as free. The other option is to go for their LITE version, but restriction of use is high. So, how about finding free alternative for paid android app?Now, there is no problem if you are searching for cracked versions of Android App and probably you will have that app installed in 3 clicks. The real problem lies when you are opting to buy an app because you thought there is no alternative at all. Google Play Store has a good organized interface but yet it is difficult to find worthy alternatives to applications. So having a look at alternatives will give you an appropriate reason to buy the paid app or use the alternative depending on their functionality.

Finding Paid Android App Alternative

paid android apps free alternative

Antiroid is a free web service that indexes lot of paid apps with there free alternatives. The interface is simple and organized. You can either search directly by the name of a paid application for which you want an alternative or you can browse conventionally through the categories.

paid android apps free alternative

Upon selecting the paid app you will be presented with available alternatives. You can also rate the application if it is similar or not. This will help in increasing the relevancy of presented alternative apps.

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Antiroid Android App

paid android apps free alternative

Optionally if you are not on your computer, then using the Antiroid app on mobile will be time saver. The app is as simple like the web interface itself. The only difference is that on the website they have categories to browse apps from but the mobile app has no category browsing. All you can do is use the search function and simply scroll down the listed apps. Not that handy but not a total waste too as it saves a lot of time. I Would appreciate Mapsaurus like intuitive interface to make things interesting.

The web service and mobile app still needs some time to pump up to our expectations. The initiative is good and will save a lot of time by directly providing us all free alternatives to paid android apps at one place.

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