6 services to create Contact forms for Blogger

contactIt is unfortunate that Blogger does not include the default option to install a widget or a code to generate a contact form through which visitors to your blog to send requests, suggestions, comments or just compliment you for your work. However, it is always the option to use external tools to fulfill this role and to remit directly to your Inbox messages sent by users via the contact form, whether it is inserted into a post embedded in the page or linked from any section of your blog.

In order of personal preference, all these six free services can help you to create and install a contact form in Blogger:

1. FormSpring

  • Enter FormSpring and creates a new user account for free (Free version). In few seconds you will receive an activation email from the account and then you can log on the website.
  • Create a new form and complete the 4 steps by entering the name of the form and choosing one of the predefined models, or the blank form.
  • Add or remove the fields you need.
  • Choose one of the templates available styles and sets the time of deactivation of the form. Select “Never” (default) if you want that the form is always available.
  • On the left side of the next page, click on the format you want, either a text link to the page outside of the form, embed a script (works to be included in a post in the HTML editing mode), a code HTML form and an intermediary. The last two options require knowledge of HTML.

    Fom Spring

2. 123 Contact Form

  • Register as user 123 Contact Form and sign in with your username and password.
  • Click on the ‘Create new form “and set the options in the new form.
  • Edit, delete or insert fields that are available.
  • In the next step, choose the theme and logo of your choice if you have uploaded your own image in the first step.
  • The first code is the link to the Form Contact Form located on 123 and the second is that you can copy and paste your post in order to integrate them directly.

    123 Contact Form

3. Kontactr

  • As in previous cases, the first thing you have to do is log in as a registered user on Kontactr.
  • Now just follow the steps shown for the service to create a contact page default. In the end, you see two widgets in HTML and JavaScript.
  • The first is ideal for pasting into your Blogger post.
  • In the footer there are 3 formats for linking to contact page.
  • Kontactr


4. My Contact Form

  • Create a new user account in Mycontactform.com and then login.
    Follow the tutorial to create a new form by clicking on “New Contact Form Wizard”.
  • Enter all data in the form: name, address where you insert the url, message format, design … to complete the 14 steps (do not be scared, it takes less than 5 minutes to do so).
  • After the process, go to the right lateral section “Form Management” in the line of buttons of the form click on “Get HTML” to get the same code.
  • My Contact Form

    My Contact Form

5. PagePow

  • Again, register as a user of the PagePow and log in with your user data.
  • On the home page, click on “view all widgets” and then “Contact us”
  • Fill in all fields for the form. This service is fairly unique compared to other samples analyzed, because the form is not as embedded in the page, but it appears a text link to click on, appearing to form a soft effect similar to lightbox .
  • It is certainly the best option to insert the navigation bar or the sidebar.
  • Page Pow

    Page Pow

6. Email Me Form

  • Choose a username and password to register and access Email Me Form.
  • Then click on “Form Wizard” to use the wizard.
  • By default, this service lets you add only 4 fields in final form, you get to complete all steps of the process.
  • After completing the wizard, you’ll find a code to add a link that points to the contact form generated. However, you can also click on “Get the HTML Code” and get the code to insert directly into your site.
  • Email Me form

    Email Me form

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Tarun - May 19, 2009

I notice you are using the Title just like I explained you. Good job.

Mia - June 25, 2009

Ah, thank you so much for posting this info . It will help a great deal . Wishing you much continued future success in your studies & your career.

Thank you .

Nick Ladd - July 30, 2009

Thank you for the blog mention of myContactForm.com! I am the owner of myContactForm.com and appreciate it!

If any of your readers are curious, I’ve created a detailed tutorial for adding myContactForm.com to Blogger:


cyanilla - October 3, 2009

Emailmeform.com is the best. Simple,clean,easy to get. That is my recommandation.

Pol86 - October 23, 2009

Iglesias tells 770KKOB that there was never any performance issues. ,

WebFormGuide - November 30, 2009

Be ware of using emailmeform!!!

One of emailmeform owners, James Salganov, is a dishonest person. He purchased the website from Alexandru Marias, and sold it to Harrison Hung, without paying the money he was to pay to Alexandru Marias.
The conflict between James Salganov ( past owner ) and Alexandru Marias ( developer of the service who has not been paid ) might affect the site badly, as there is a bigh trust issue in the middle

Abhishek - September 30, 2010

its very nice
i have used this in my both blog

max - December 25, 2010

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