5 Free File Compression Tools on Windows worth trying

File compression tools can be very important to the efficient managing and storing of your documents. Being able to compress files means you can free up more space for current ones or those that must be kept available at all times. 

Choosing file compression tools is just as important as choosing the right file compression program. Both the program and the tool must be compatible with one another. Otherwise, they will be of little use to the person trying to archive and later access the files.

Further, file compression tools must be able to hold the amount of material in the files without compromising or losing data, or they are of no use.

It is possible to purchase file compression and archiving programs and tools. However, there are several free programs, such as 7Zip, as well as free file compression tools, five of which are listed below. All of these have many useful features as well as the ability to hold large amounts of material.

1. ArcConvert
ArcConvert is a file compression tool that can be very useful to those companies that use different languages. ArcConvert has the ability to be used by those who speak English, German, Taiwanese, Dutch, and Italian.

In addition, ArcConvert has an automatic password detection feature from the archive. This makes compressed files more secure. ArcConvert also supports 7Zip, one of the most popular file compression and archiving programs used.

2. IZArc
IZArc is an archive utility tool. This tool can support at least 47 different archive formats. Further, this tool gives the user the choice of storing files on archive spanning disks or in self-extracting formats. This tool allows for easier access of stored files.

3. TUGZip
TUGZip is another archiving tool that is designed for Windows. It includes Windows Explorer integration so that functions such as “drag and drop” or use of the shell context menu can be performed.

This file compression tool also supports numerous archive formats. Besides being able to support the formats, though, this tool can also repair some damaged files, such as Zip or SQX archive files. This ability can be a tremendous asset to someone who thinks that files have been lost forever because of damage.

4. Zipeg
Zipeg is also designed for Windows. This tool is both free and simple to use. Again, it can open different archived files, including those stored in the 7Zip compression program.

One of the more advanced file compression tools is WinArchiver. Not only does this tool open archived files, it is also possible to create and manage archived files. It, too, supports many of the more common archive files, as well as a few that may not be very well-known. Though this is not free but included in the list as it supports Virtual Drives and moreover new competitor in the race.

You may be worried, and rightly so, about the security of your archived files as well as the file compression tools that are used in conjunction with them. The five tools listed above all have good security measures in place to protect the files when they are being accessed and opened.

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