5 Free File Encryption Utilities

There are times when you may feel the need to hide or protect your personal data from being exposed to other people. This can be done by the process called data encryption. In this process the data is converted into a form called Ciphertext, so that it cannot be understood by unauthorized people. The encrypted file can be decrypted and brought back to its normal form. To perform these tasks there are software utilities. The best five free file encryption utility which can provide strong file encryption and decryption are:


This utility is very Useful and easy to use. It supports dragging and dropping multiple files. It has many feature for ensuring safety and optimal performance. This is a portable utility and can be used efficiently when you encrypt or decrypt files rarely. This utility runs on Windows Operating System.

Download DsCrypt.


It provides AES 128 encryption type for single files which can be done by using password protect and key- files. This utility integrates with Windows  shell and can be brought by right clicking on any file. It can be used efficiently when encrypting and decrypting single files are involved. This utility has no portable version and runs on Windows environment.

Download AxCrypt.


It is an Open source easy to use utility and creates a virtual drive on your computer. Data stored on these virtual drives are fully encrypted before being stored on the hard disk. With its portable version you will be able to perform encryption “on-the-fly”.¬† Its use in portable mode can also protect data on USB drives. Presently it runs on Windows only.

Download FreeOTFE.


It is an Open source, powerful, effective and flexible utility. It can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mount on the real disk. This also helps to protect entire USB drives by encrypting them. It is a cross platform utility and has a portable version.

Download TrueCrypt.

SafeHouse Explorer

It is very easy to use with an extremely simple interface. It can be used a portable version and also provides secure delete to remove files permanently from your computer. Files created on your hard disk and moved to the secure drive must be deleted using secure delete to ensure total security on Windows.

Download SafeHouse Explorer.

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