5 Free File Renaming Utilities For Windows

Renaming files is a necessary thing that you might have observed while organizing files on your computer. Renaming a single file may be easy and quick. But when you need to rename all files in a folder, you will definitely want a  software to do this job. Well here are five free utilities that I found best for this job.

Ken Rename

It is easy to use for beginners and also provides advanced users with greater functionality. It supports some ID2, ID3 and EXIF tags. With this utility you Can rename specified file type, you can type “*.jpeg” in Filter text box for renaming only images. Archive, Folder and Hidden files etc  can also be chosen. If you want to use multi-action to rename your files, you can press Add action. You can also change order of action by right clicking on Action list to choose Up or Down to move action. This is very useful when you set a complicated rename rule.

Download Ken Rename.


It can rename multiple files through use of expressions. It is the most powerful utility. It has lots of functionality,supported  file formats and many tags for EXIF matadata. It is one of the few renaming tools  that has support for RAW image. This utility provides a lot features but unfortunately it can be handled properly by advance users only. It is a stand alone application and do not require installation.

Download Siren.

Bulk Rename Utility

Like others I would not say it has a simple interface, you need to get familiar with its interface before you can get started. It supports regular expressions, logging, custom file formats. It does not support IDE3 v2. It is easy to use as it provides lot of help in its help file. Overall it is a powerful utility.

Download Bulk Rename Utility.

Advanced Renamer

It is very easy to use with simple interface. It is easy to setup multiple methods to perform batch operation on larger files. It has eight methods that lets you rename desired files in one go. You can view thumbnails directly into the list by enabling thumbnail mode. It does not support regular expressions and has support for very few ID3 and EXIF tags.

Download Advance Renamer.


It has a simple interface and is very easy to use. It provides many options for renaming. It is very flexible with a simulation mode and can even sort files before renaming them. If there are any mistakes made, they can be easily rejected by pressing the undo button. This is a stand alone application and does not require installation.

Download WildRename.

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