Free Phone Calls Anywhere In The World To Any Network Unlimited

It has been a long time since we covered some Free calling tricks over Internet on Blogsolute. Make Free Internet Calls using Yahoo! Messenger stopped working after few months. Now, we have a EvaPhone service which allows you to make free unlimited calls anywhere in the world.

EvaPhone is a free to use VOIP service to make free phone calls to any network anywhere in the world over Internet. Almost all Countries are included namely, India, Canada, Nepal, UK and Canada.

Free Calling from Internet Anywhere in World

It is really a cool web service to call any Mobile or Landline Phone right from their Homepage without downloading any software or paying anything free of charge.

What you have to do is select Destination (Country you want to call), Type the number and hit Call Button.

Note: You can make unlimited number of calls to any number in any country but only limitation is the duration of call which differs from country to country. For India, it is maximum of 100 Seconds or 1:40 Minute. Check Available destinations for Duration of Calls allowed.


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Ashish Mundhra - December 8, 2010

When I tried I was given only 20 seconds each calls made to any mobile number in India !!!

    Rohit Langde - December 8, 2010

    I said Maximum duration is 60 sec which is applicable for Reliance (West) and for Airtel it is something 21 seconds. Varies for Networks and Countries. Check out Available destinations page for more

      deep - December 19, 2010

      plz don`t mind bt thr r so many sites those provide more thn 120mins free calling chance for each phone no. by conferencing.So you can try ths as its
      (120mins>>ur 1min).

    M Qadeer - December 29, 2010

    plz dear

    i don’t know how to use this software

Anish K.S - December 8, 2010

nice find buddy. will try this.

Ranjit - December 9, 2010

i think it is Fake.. i tried no. ring goes but no voice … 🙁

    Rohit Langde - December 9, 2010

    Tried it myself and above commenter too. So, please check your Microphone Audio settings.

Kunal @ TechHogger - December 9, 2010

I have been searching VOIP to make free calls to Nepal, but while making call the message prompts “This call direction is not supported” so this is not a Nepal supported VOIP I guess.

Kunal @ TechHogger - December 9, 2010

And yes I tried .. call to India is hardly for 30 secs

Saurabh - December 9, 2010

i got only one call of only 20 seconds useless site..

amit - December 9, 2010


Shiva - December 9, 2010

Hey guyzzz itz workin……..

vinayak - December 10, 2010

I selected India.. 91 came automatically and i typed number 9986xxxxxx..Clicked on Call button. Nothing happened..

karthikeyan - December 10, 2010

Hi, I had tried this website, While i made a call to India, Its ringing very long. when opposite person picks the call. Their voice is not hearing. Not even a pin drop sound is hearing from other side. Receiver of this call also didnt hear any voice or sound.

Please update further.

Rajasekar - December 11, 2010

Hey its working.,

Gulfaraz - December 14, 2010

I am Pakistan My name is gul faraz I like taking to brother

Vikas - December 16, 2010

Evaphone is best, i am using this for more than 2 years. you can call only for 3 times in a day and call duration is limited.


raheemullahnajimi - December 16, 2010

how can i call to afghanistan number

M>Bilal - December 19, 2010

i tried to make free call but i dont hear an option of “free call” operator only says business,weather,horoscope and residential…there is no option of free call

Daleep Singha - December 22, 2010


i want to make isd calls can you assist me i`m enable to make, tell me the complete procedure how can i do……please assist me as a friend

Stupid Gujarati - January 1, 2011

dude, suggest another site….

Muhammad Hadi - January 9, 2011

i tried many time but it doesnt work pls give me some tips to do it for me

don - January 16, 2011

its not working bad website only for time waste

Suhail - February 24, 2011

I wwant to use this site only for free calling to India.

bosso herve - March 27, 2011

is it workin for africa toooooooo??

vikas - May 10, 2011

can anyone say the site, where the call duration is up to 120 min……thnx

rehan - July 16, 2012

what file do i need to down load guys ???
or what website is it >?


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