Free Powerful Disk Encryption Software

DiskCryptor is an open source utility that will allow us to encrypt hard disks, partitions, pen drives or CD / DVD, all with a very good perfomance so as not to affect performance.

The first interesting detail is that we can Diskcryptor encrypt partitions and data existing within (instead of having to format them before using them), thus we avoid having to make annoying backups of data and then restore them.

DiskCryptor : Free Encryption software

DiskCryptor : Free Encryption software

The encryption is performed on AES, Twofish, AES-Twofish, Serpent, Serpent-AES and others, so we will not be short in terms of security options. That if, in the case of CD / DVD and USB flash drives, one must bear in mind that to take them to another site and to use them, there also need to have installed DiskCryptor.

But beyond that detail DiskCryptor must say that it works incredibly fast, and no noticeable drop in performance when accessing files. In addition, podermos enable password cache option, which will store them in the space of kernel memory, further streamlining operations. You can even boot from encrypted partitions, and there is full support for LILO, GRUB and other top managers.

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