Free Program to Clean your Hard Disk

We generally couldn’t clean up the Hard Disk mainly because of lack of time or Laziness. In the mean time, there is lot of garbage collected because of installing and uninstalling several programs on Windows.

The problem in cleaning our hard drive is that its very tedious and arduous task, but luckily there are tools that help us to accelerate this work, to enable us success in clearing files. The tool is Disk Analyzer, a software to analyze the composition and organization of our hard disk developed by Extensoft.

Disk Analyzer helps you keep your disk drives uncluttered, which can also result in faster computer performance.


What I found cool about this tool is that it allows us to navigate through different folders stored on our hard drive as shown in screenshot, weight and length of each file, something although it can be done in the conventional way but that will eat up more time. Besides the notifications in each folder about the amount of waste which is easy to debug and find something interesting if you are looking for in addition of clearing some available space.

The tool is available for Windows, completely free and only weighs 11 MB.

Download Disk Analyzer

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