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Red Eye is one of the most common and at the same time most hated effects which is the inevitable consequence of the excessive light of direct flash, of course, in subject’s eyes being captured.

Unfortunately, when you get final images, you have no idea how can you fix red eye and remove redeye effects from Photos. Though, solutions exists but either they are difficult to process or paid software.

S10 RedEyes is a freeware program dedicated to fix / remove red eye from Photos. This is infact an effective solution which can fix red eyes in such a way that originality of Photo is retained and doesn’t look artificial or processed image.

Open up an image effected with Red Eye > select the affected area ofcourse Pupil of the eye and adjust the Pupil and eye brightness to remove RedEyes.

Red Eye Fixer

It is not necessary to adjust it manually because software detects and tries to repair itself but it is not always correct. Apart from Red Eye Fixing, it has other standard features of Image editor like Resizing, Rotating, Cropping, etc.

Red Eye Fixer

Download S10 RedEyes

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