Monitor Windows 7 Computer Remotely with Free Invisible Keylogger

Security is a main issue when we are working on a shared computer. Specially when we don’t know what are the exact thing the other persons are doing on your machine. Using Windows 7 inbuilt features you can limit and restrict non admin users to perform many tasks and use of certain resources.

But still the situation remains same i.e insecure feeling and suspicion. To avoid this you can do is track each and every activity on your system including keyboard keystrokes, mouse activities etc. A Key Logger is perfect software to perform this action.

In general a Key Logger is software that will keep track of any activity done on your keyboard and with mouse. Nowadays Its more than just mouse and keyboard you can also take screen shots and many more things. But most of the Key Loggers available in market today are not free and you have to pay heavy amount for them.

If you do not want heavy tracking and want to use it for home systems only than KidLogger is a perfect application that will help you perform the task.

KidLogger is a Windows freeware application. It has a simple interface with self-explanatory functions. Before you can start using this application there are some settings that you have to go through for its proper functioning.

Setting Up KidLogger

KidLogger control panel is simple it allows you to start logging activities for selected user accounts present on Windows. By clicking on the view log button you can see the saved log files. These logs can be viewed in your default browser. Options allow you to configure many things like events to be logged, password protection, deleting older logs and the location of logs.

There are other options that can be set like the email. You can use your email address to let this application send you the log files to your mail, hence you can also track activities from any place just with availability of internet. You can set the delay after which it sends the mail.

Sound recorder and allows you additional to record sound from microphone after certain level. With screen capture you can capture the user screen after certain interval of time. This feature can also take screen shot of skype video calls.

You can also install this application silently on other systems. This can be achieved by making a silent USB installer.

Using a Key Logger application to collect user information is illegal. This information includes email, facebook and other confidential account credentials. So these software should be used wisely.

Note: Some Antivirus Software may detect it suspicious but in our Tests with Microsoft Essentials installed on Windows 7, it went smoothly and all operations were fine.

Test it on your systems and let other readers also know about your successful spying experience.

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Deep - August 9, 2011

Plz advise me a solution to wireless configuration of HP laserjet printer 1320 with my windows 7 OS as tried so many things but in vain. While configuration it demands for .inf missing. Thanx for this article n if u got solution to this plz let me knw soon.

Prashant - August 9, 2011

isnt is called hacking?

Rinkesh - August 15, 2011

Nice Share…. Kudos


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